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  • Stable WiFi coverage and wired connections

  • VPN

  • High security

  • Easy management

  • Content filter and monitoring

For small and medium-sized enterprises, the business manager are constantly keeping IT management simple and effective, which is essential in today’s dynamic and innovative enterprises. To drive business growth, enterprises has growing demands for reliable network systems involves more clients—both wired and wireless—more bandwidth-demanding applications, and more customized services like VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a way for different branches to share resources and communicate with each other. It also provides a secure method by which employees can access internal network servers when out of the office. TP-Link Omada offers Site-to-Site and Client-to-Site VPN solutions to meet the requirements of today’s enterprise networks.

Network Requirements

  • Provide both wired and wireless clients with fast, secure, and reliable internet access.

  • Manage and maintain diverse and complex networks in a time-saving and economical way.

  • High network stability to ensure uninterrupted business.

  • Security strategies that protect digital assets, including threat detection and remediation.

  • Empower your workforce with secure VPN policies.

Wireless Networks for the Office

Solution Benefits

Stable Wired Connections
2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet wired connections are provided for office computers, front desks, access points, and IP cameras.

High-Security VPN
Allow the staff to visit the company network even at home, on a business trip, or at branches with a secure VPN (IPSec/ OpenVPN/ PPTP/ L2TP).

Flexible Criteria Management
Use different SSIDs, Access Control, and VLAN binding technologies to identify key network user profiles, including staff and visitors, to deploy customized operating criteria.

Quickly Troubleshoot to Stabilize Your Network
Remotely and quickly locate network faults and analyze potential network problems with Omada's easy-to-use management interface and AI-Driven technology

Content Filtering and Monitoring
Standardize employees' online behavior via URL identification and filtering, real-time network status monitoring, and traffic statistics analysis.

Stable WiFi Coverage
Keeps your wireless online ordering system available everywhere with high-speed full WiFi coverage.

Protects Your Network from Threats
Utilize powerful firewalls, device security detection and protection, Access Control, URL filter, and more.

Secure Guest Network with Captive Portal
Provide secure guest WiFi access along with multiple authentication options (SMS/Facebook WiFi/Voucher, etc.).

Easy Centralized Management
Centrally manage your access points, switches, routers, and more, anywhere, anytime—all controlled from a single easy-to-use interface.

Easy Installation and Deployment
Easy mount construction; PoE support; and a refined, minimalist appearance allow for easy installation and deployment.

Wifi & Mesh Networks
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