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The Ajax security system is easy to install in your apartment, home or business premises. By choosing Ajax, you get integrated protection that is easy to manage, tamper-resistant and responds instantly to attacks.
What's more, it can be fitted to your Campervan, Caravan, boat, static home or any off gird location as the system can run off a SIM card, so no need for a broadband line and the HUB can be ran off a 6 or12 Volt Battery.

Ajax doesn’t limit itself to one job. Instead, it does three at once. The system immediately alerts users if it detects a break-in, smoke or a flood. Additionally, it supports third-party surveillance cameras, making Ajax a singular security center.


AJAX Installer Leicester

Control and monitor your home and business premises from your phone or computer

Carefree Service Contact and Simcard bundles available

Free replacement batteries

Free labour for additional sensor installs. You just pay the price of the device.

Free phone tech support and system changes within business hours

Free site support visits within business hours

Each device has a 2-year warranty – if there is a fault with a device within the 2 year warranty we will collect, ship, deliver and reinstall the device for free. If the device is outside the 2 year warranty you pay for the replacement device and we fit and configure for free. 

At RCS, we believe that people shouldn’t have to live in fear in today's world. When you're under the reliable protection of Ajax, you're safe from thieves, fires or leaks that can cause real harm to property and people.

Ajax Systems is a tech company. They create solutions that stand on the cutting edge of technology and science — then they put those innovations into their devices. Ajax devices operate in the most extreme conditions, always ready to protect against tragedy.


We at RCS can provide you the full range of products from Ajax so you know that what ever the scenario we can protect your business and home from intruders, fire and flood. Also with our new smart sockets you can control your electrical devices from anywhere.

Wireless technologies in the Ajax security system

A wireless security system is a set of security devices that all connect and interact without the need for wires (or with a minimum of them). Radio signals are used to transmit information within the system. The advantages of a wireless security system are simple installation even in a completed interior and mobility. When moving, such a security system can be disassembled and reassembled in a new place. A wireless alarm system can also protect not only any type of stationary premises, but also movable property: yachts, motor homes, etc.


Benefits of a wireless type security system

Due to the fact that the wireless alarm system has additional sensors, its functional range is expanding. The integrated security system is responsible for:

  • protection of the object and territory from intrusions, fire, flood;

  • fast transmission of an alarm signal to the user and to the security company;

  • full and round-the-clock control of the object under protection.

Each wireless system has a wide range of additional features. These features of the wireless security system include:

  1. Possibility of space automation.

  2. Remote system management and device control in a mobile application.

  3. Possibility to connect additional sensors.

  4. Service alerts for security devices.

  5. Control of light systems, household appliances, plumbing, heating.

  6. The absence of wires and the possibility of installation in the finished interior.

  7. Does not require connection to any batteries, except autonomous ones. This allows you to hide security devices even in secluded places.

Features of a complete set of wireless security systems

Depending on what task the alarm installation solves, its equipment will be determined. The optimal set of an integrated wireless security system consists of the following devices:

  • Control panel of the security system.

  • Accumulator, battery, additional batteries.

  • Motion sensors, window and door opening sensors, glass break sensors.

  • Sirens.

  • Remote controls and keypads for arming and disarming the premises.

  • Relay.

  • For large rooms — signal repeaters.

Some wireless security systems are equipped with a standard camera to fully monitor the situation at the protected facility. The Ajax security system also allows you to connect third-party video surveillance systems.

Alarm sensors transmit alarm signals to the central unit at a sufficiently high speed, and it, in turn, instantly notifies users of the security system about the incident.

How the Ajax wireless security system works

Wireless alarm system from Ajax differs from other manufacturers in the principle of operation of the system and important details, which together provide high-quality security of the facility:

The security system from Ajax uses energy-efficient radio protocols with a wide range

For data transmission, Ajax wireless signaling uses its own secure radio protocols Jeweler and Wings. The first one is for communication of sensors and elements of the security system with the control panel, and the second one is for supporting the sending of photo-verification of alarms. The range of the devices thanks to the protocols is up to 2000 m in the absence of obstacles.

Ajax wireless security system devices are able to operate on one pre-installed battery without replacement from 4 to 7 years. Two-way communication allows you to track the status of system elements (charge level, etc.) in a mobile application. The user will be informed about the need to replace the battery, as well as about the loss of communication with the interrogated element of the system.

Viruses resistance

Ajax wireless burglar alarm belongs to the class of closed systems and uses proprietary software. Therefore, the appearance of viruses in the security system is completely excluded.

Availability of several communication channels and effective counteraction to signal jamming

Some consumers do not trust wireless security systems due to the myth that it is very easy to jam the radio channel with special equipment. And without radio communication, the alarm system is deprived of the ability to resist intruders. But thanks to modern technology, wireless-type security systems can respond to jamming in the following ways:

The control panel of the Ajax security system is responsible both for managing the entire system and for communicating the system with the cloud, the user and the security company (to which systems can be connected if desired). Each such control panel, depending on the model, is equipped with at least two communication channels, for example, Hub 2 Plus is equipped with four communication channels (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, two SIM card slots) and works with LTE. This principle of operation allows you to connect the device to two different Internet providers via Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and to two cellular networks. This means that when one of the communication channels is jammed, the system switches to backup channels, after which it informs users and the security company about the jamming attempt. Automatic switching between channels takes seconds.

Laconic appearance

One of the important criteria for choosing a security system is the appearance of devices. The advantage will be in the system that will not stand out in the interior and attract a lot of attention. Ajax belongs to such systems due to its laconic design and the ability to choose colors (black or white) in most devices.

Immunity of alarm devices to animals

Ajax wireless motion detectors can be used even in rooms with pets. The devices do not respond to pets weighing up to 20 kg and up to 50 cm high. Sensors with alarm photo verification will also allow you to assess the situation at the facility when triggered, and understand the cause of the alarm.

Wireless convenience

Wireless solutions are easy to install and configure, high-tech, reliable. Ajax-based security systems resist signal jamming and provide a protected facility with a high level of protection, which is not inferior in reliability to wired counterparts. Such a security system is able to protect the premises not only from intruders, but will also become a reliable basis for an integrated security and automation system.

Ajax security system is trusted

Wireless security systems have already proven to be reliable and easy to use. Ajax is one such system. Considering the security of devices, convenience, style, the ability to expand the system for various types of objects, and many other advantages, they have earned the trust of users around the world.

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