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CCTV Guide

Ok lets start with the first thing you're likely to hear when it comes to CCTV - Resolution

IP security camera resolution is the total number of pixels that make up an image, which is measured by the image width and height.

For example, the width and height of a 2MP image are 1920 and 1080 respectively. By multiplying these two figures together, you will get 2,073,600, which is the total number of pixels contained in the image.

Also, the height of an image is used to symbolize the resolution and thus, you can say 1080p resolution when talking about an image with 2 million pixels.

The most common resolution for a security camera in the market includes 2MP (1080p), 4MP (1440p), 5MP (1920p) with 5MP being the most common and 8MP (4K/2160p) for high end security and those who need to see a lot of detail.

Take the following security camera resolution comparison chart into account:

CCTV Resolutions
CCTV Resolution comparison

Low Light Technology

Specifying a security camera for low-light environments isn’t a one size fits all solution. Each application has its own set of challenges, lighting constraints and budget requirements. RCS understands this dilemma and offers four low-light technology tiers, Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight, Starlight+, and Night Color Technology to make it easy to choose the correct camera that fits your needs and your budget.

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Basic Starlight Technology offers good low-light performance at a more affordable price and is ideal for moderate dark areas. Basic Starlight is best suited for applications that produce lighting similar to that of a full moon without additional light sources. Basic Starlight offers sensitivity down to .008-.009 lux. Recommended scenarios: parks, stadiums or parking lots with some ambient lighting such as street lights.

Enhanced Starlight Technology is a step up from Basic Starlight, and exclusively uses broad spectrum 2MP sensors. This provides excellent images in near dark conditions, down to .005-.007 lux.

Starlight+ Technology offers best-in-class light sensitivity, capturing color details in extreme low-light conditions down to 0.0005 lux. Cameras with this technology use a large 4/3” sensor, smart imaging algorithms providing exceptional color detail in the dark with minimal noise.

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Night Color technology works differently than the technology used in Starlight cameras. Cameras that incorporate Night Color technology use a high-performance sensor and ISP, and an achromatic large aperture lens, to produce crisp, clear color images in low-light environments. This light-sensitive technology allows the camera to remain in Color Mode and to capture more available light to reproduce color images with superior detail and contrast.

Unlike Starlight Technology, Night Color Technology does not utilize an IR Cut filter. This results in an image that remains in color 24/7 without switching to black/white. Night color also utilizes an Achromatic lens.

This type of lens is a combination of concave and convex pieces of glass that focuses the different color wavelengths of light into a single plane.

Similar to Starlight Technology, Night Color Technology utilizes Back-illuminated CMOS technology. STARVIS™ sensors offer a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene, resulting in clear images in dark environments. A back-illuminated structure increases the amount of light that enters each pixel and moves the sensor’s photosensitive surface closer to the light. It also utilizes Smart Image Signal Processing to convert an image into digital form while performing operations that enhance the image or extracts useful information. ISP identifies and corrects imperfections caused by the lens, color filter, or sensor.

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Full - Colour 2.0


Night Color 2.0 cameras use a high-performance image sensor that generates exceptional color images long after an IR camera converts to a black and white image. This light-sensitive technology allows the camera to capture more available light, creating full-color images with exceptional detail and contrast. Thanks to Dahua’s Night Color technology, identifying the color of a person’s clothing or vehicle in total darkness is now a reality


Perimeter Protection: Detects human or vehicle violations using tripwire or intrusion functions.

• People Counting: Delivers accurate flow statistics from line crossing and regional counting functions.

• Smart Motion Detection: Differentiates between and classifies human and vehicular objects, plus filters false alarms due to inconsequential objects.

• Smart Schedule: Employs different Analytics+ functions depending on the time of day. One Night Color 2.0 camera covers you day and night.

• Smart Search: Search recorded video according to the color or type of clothes a person wears or the vehicle they drive. Smart Search improves retrieval time, aids in gathering forensic-level video, and increases ROI.

Lens size 

There are two main CCTV camera lens types: fixed lens (aka. monofocal lens) and varifocal lens (these include motorised lenses). 

A CCTV security camera that has a fixed lens is permanently set, meaning that its angle of view, focal length and level of zoom cannot be changed. 

One of the difficult problems when selecting a CCTV system, is choosing the right lens for your camera as diffrent lenses give diffrent fields of view, and diffrent levels of zoom.

As a guide the smaller the focal lenght numer ie 2.8mm, the wider the field of view and the bigger the focal length number ie 12mm, the narrow the field of view.

CCTV Lens comparison
Focal Length CCTV
CCTV Lens Size

1.57mm Lens = 360 degree Field of View

2.8mm Lens = 89.9 degree Field of View

2.8mm Lens = 89.9 degree Field of View

4 mm Lens = 69.9 degree Field of View

6mm Lens = 50 degree Field of View

8mm Lens = 38.5 degree Field of View

Advanced features

Many camera solutions offer a huge range of features such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Motion Detect, Line Crossing Detection, facial recognition… the list truly is endless. We recommend that you should always look at what features you may wish to use such as remote viewing before purchasing any hardware because some missing features truly can be a deal breaker!

RCS Technologies CCTV installers

Working with Dahua, the world leader in CCTV technology, we at RCS at provide you with the latest in cutting edge CCTV to protect your home, business and possessions. When you need to take your installation further, Dahua’s WizSeries simplifies your decision making process with two easy to navigate categories: WizSense and WizMind.

Wiz Sense


Simplified Analytics for Accurate Results

WizSense is based on a powerful AI chip and self-developed deep learning algorithm that allows customers to focus on humans and vehicles while ignoring irrelevant data such as pets, stray animals, debris and extreme weather conditions. With easy configuration such as its one-click configuration for Smart Motion Detection (SMD) and a cost effective price point, WizSense is designed to be simple enough to meet the needs of most general users. The benefits include an instant alert during an event; quick target search after an event; storage saving with Dahua’s Smart H.264/H.265+ codec and privacy protection. All WizSense fixed cameras are part of the Light Series. They are powered by Starlight Technology and include True WDR, Smart IR illumination and a high-quality image with either a 4MP or 5MP option. Variations include fixed and vari-focal options in a dome, bullet, eyeball or wedge indoor/outdoor IP67 housing.

A Great Fit for Small to Medium Applications

CCTV for business

WizSense Core Technologies

CCTV Installers, Leicester
CCTV Installers, Leicester

Smart Motion Detection (SMD)

Perimeter Protection

CCTV Installers, Leicester

Thermal Protection



Advanced Analytics for Ultimate Performance

Human-based Applications

Adopting topnotch AI chip and algorithms, the upgraded human-based WizMind solution includes privacy protection 2.0, face recognition 2.0, human video metadata 2.0 and other advanced AI performance to enable timely responses to incidents while providing accurate customer flow, crowd density, target direction, etc. to assist in further business analysis. Privacy Protection 2.0 offers additional occlusion options (irregular polygons, mosaics, and colored blocks) and supports code exporting based on specified targets, ensuring privacy safety of people and places.

Vehicle-based Applications

The upgraded vehicle-based WizMind solution integrates ANPR, parking space management, vehicle metadata 2.0 and other technologies to serve multiple vehicle-based scenes. It can accurately detect and display parking status and number of available parking spaces, and supports overlaying a variety of information on the vehicle’s snapshot. Moreover, a dual-PTZ system can even capture detailed images of vehicles under occlusion.

Object-based Applications

As a brand new feature of the upgraded WizMind, the Dahua object monitoring technology utilizes deep-learning algorithms to detect up to six kinds of objects. It can effectively filter out false alarms caused by interference and provide customers with accurate alarm information. Through the linkage alarm connected to the administrator, it can help passenger find missing items, or detect a blockage at the fire exit, thus reducing property loss and increasing safety level.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Dahua thermal imaging technology adopts the industry-leading thermal imaging sensor and excellent image processing algorithm to deliver 24/7 long-range surveillance performance. Its abnormal behavior detection, high-accurate alarms and other AI-enabled intelligent analysis functions make it ideal for airports, border security, infrastructures, fire prevention, etc.

Perfect for Specialty Applications

  • Bars - Restaurants - Night Clubs - Casinos

  • Stadiums - Music Venues

  • Schools - Campuses

  • Streets and Road Traffic Analysis

  • Public Transportion Hubs

  • Shops - Shopping Centres

  • High Security Areas

  • Care Homes - Hosptials - Doctors Surgeries

CCTV Installers, Leicester

WizMind Based on Human

Face Recognition CCTV

Face Recognition

When it comes to security, Face Recognition not only enhances control over who is entering and exiting a special area or building, but when combined with an access control system, also ensures that entry/exit is limited only to authorized personnel. When an unwanted or unknown individual appears, the system can send an alarm and notify the staff, aiding organizations in being more operationally efficient.

Face Recognition can also help businesses in need of rapid and reliable methods of recognizing and identifying key customers or clients. This makes business operations run more smoothly, and can provide customers with a better experience, which in turn can lead to an overall business improvement.

CCTV @ RCS Technologies

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection offers additional occlusion options and allows code exporting based on specified targets.

Privacy Protection complies with GDPR and offers more applications in courtroom and retail scenarios.

CCTV Human Meta Data

Human Metadata

Metadata refers to "data that provides information about other data". In other words, it is “data about data. ”Metadata has various purposes. It helps users find relevant information and discover resources.

Dahua Video Metadata technology with deep learning algorithm can detect, track, and capture images of people, vehicle and non-motor vehicle. It selects the best images and extracts attributes of targets to locate them immediately. In order to better enhance the value of its functions, We have added targets direction analysis and data statistics technology in version 2.0, which can be used for business analysis. We also added PPE Detection technology to detect PPE wearing and alert security personnel if necessary.

CCTV People Counting

People Counting

People Counting can track and process moving human body targets to realize accurate statistics of people entering, leaving and currently within the monitored area. This feature provides customers with valuable data for business report analysis. It provides statistics with up to 98% counting accuracy.

It supports 4 areas independent detection, real-time detects the changes in the number of people in every area.

Queue Management supports two types of alarm: the number of people and waiting time alarm in a queue.

CCTV Heat Map

Heat Map

With deep learning technology, Dahua’s new heat map function demonstrates two types of heat map charts based on the number of people and average strand time. Being widely used in retail shops, this feature enables business owners to easily analyze customers’ preferences.

CCTV Stereo Analysis

Stereo Analysis

  • Detect a target person who stays in the area for too long

  • Detect the distance between a person and approaching people or pedestrians.

  • Detect and alert when a person suddenly falls to the ground in the monitored scene.

  • Detect abnormal number of people in the area and send an alarm.

  • Detect violent movement or fight in the area and send an alarm.

  • Combining binocular vision measuring system with deep learning algorithm, it can provide 3d-perception.

WizMind Based on Vehicle

Vehicle Metadata metadata

Vehicle Metadata

It extracts attributes of vehicles, and offers targets direction analysis and data stats that can be used for business analysis

Extracts up to 28+ attributes of human, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle in video, which can help pinpoint targets accurately.

Offers AI search to locate specified targets using attributes of targets



It can be used to store images and license plate information captured by the cameras. Powered by deep learning algorithm, Dahua ANPR technology can recognize the number plate information of vehicles in the image. This feature can be used to provide higher security in restricted areas.

CCTV Parking

Illegal Parking Detection

When a vehicle has been detected in the monitored area, snapshots will be taken and metadata will be saved. It supports overlay of license plate number, violation time, violation location, and parking duration as evidence. It can cover a wider area through its dual-PTZ system, solving vehicle capturing problems including vehicle under occlusion. Based deep learning algorithm, it can offer high accuracy detection rate, instand of traffic police normally posts parking tickets to highly improve the efficiency and reduce the labor costs.

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