CCTV Security Systems are increasingly becoming an integral part of all business operations. RCS offers a variety of IP CCTV security solutions, with the latest technology, for businesses of all sizes. Our passionate, expert technicians will work with you to find the best solution for your needs ― be it loss prevention, liability protection, insurance claim facilitation, or employee monitoring. Furthermore, RCS creates optimized coverage plans for your business that are conscious of your operating budget by analyzing floor plans and vulnerability points. Please see below for further information on how an RCS CCTV Security Camera System can help you.


Here are 10 ways your video security system will pay for itself:

1 - Deter Criminals

One of the primary benefits of a video security system is to deter a criminal act from ever happening. Therefore, well placed cameras will give would-be criminals reason for pause, or send them looking for locations less prepared.

2 - Prevent Theft

According to recent retail industry studies, the average small business loses £50k per year. And given the current economic conditions and ease at which criminals can move stolen products, the risk of both internal and external theft has skyrocketed. Likewise, It’s proven that a simple video security system can easily cut that figure in half.


3 - Improve Productivity

According to reports, the biggest cost businesses face today is workforce productivity. Security cameras help to keep people on their best behaviour when you’re not there, and enable a manager to monitor work habits on his own schedule.

4 - Reduce Liability

Many criminals look to benefit by making false claims against companies. Lacking evidence to defend themselves, businesses literally get robbed blind with zero recourse. Video security is an effective deterrent to this criminal activity, and can contest these claims should they occur. NOTE: False claims often stem from employees reporting incidents outside your security system’s field of view. We recommend that businesses augment their traditional video with covert cameras, so no one knows where safe havens for both crime and false claims are, and where they are not.

5 - Protect Intellectual Property

Your unscrupulous competitor would pay dearly to know your company secrets. Strategically placed cameras can help prevent those with access and intent to stealing your intellectual property think twice.

6 - Manage Remotely

Many video security systems feature software capable of viewing multiple facilities from a single location. This can dramatically reduce your equipment expense and management overhead costs, and allow managers to oversee company wide operations despite geographic and time challenges.

7 - Enhance Customer Experience

Many retail businesses use their video security systems to study customer shopping habits, optimize store traffic patterns, improve product placement, and ensure a positive customer experience. More effective employees + increased sales + satisfied customers = one happy manager.

8 - Streamline Operations

The video is commonly use in manufacturing or fulfilment environments to monitor equipment. In result, quickly identifying problems that may cause delays or bottlenecks. The video is also used to provide valuable insight into process effectiveness, and to make sure a business or operation is appropriately staffed.

9 - Validate Alarms

Business owners and managers alike lose hours of sleep responding to false alarms that their business has been broken into. With a networked video security system, validation is just a mouse click away and you can get your sleep or enjoy your vacation.

10 - Deliver Peace of Mind

Ultimately, business managers and homeowners are simply looking for peace of mind protecting their assets and providing a safe and secure environment for employees, friends, and family. And in the event of incident, knowing they are empowered to bring the offender to justice something only a video security system can deliver.