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RCS Technologies TiOC Camera

What is TiOC?

TiOC, also known as three-in-one camera, integrates 24/7 full-color monitoring, active deterrence and AI into one smart and innovative solution. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders, effectively protecting life and property’s safety.

Currently available in 2MP, 5MP and 4K variations, this new TiOC (3-in-1) camera offers Full-colour, Active Deterrence and AI, all in one smart innovative solution.

TiOC offers accurate alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves and car headlights. While keeping false alarm rate under 2%, its powerful AI algorithms also delivers a quicker, more accurate and longer range motion detection.

CCTV Installers, Leicester
CCTV Installers, Leicester

Red and Blue Light

  • Noticeable even in dense fog and heavy rain.

  • More eye-catching than white light.


Enhanced Sound Alarm

  • Speaker volume up to 110dB.

  • Two-way talk (IPC supported).

  • Optional wailing siren, recorded voice and customizable voices for different scenarios.


Real-time Notification

  • Real-time alarm push notification to mobile APP.

  • Visual alarm verification anytime, anywhere.

  • One-tap arming and disarming, easy to operate.

Full Colour

  • 24/7 colour monitoring significantly increases probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence.

  • Provides high color reproduction and excellent low light performance for a more vivid and brighter image.

RCS Technologies TiOC Cameras

What is TiOC 2.0?

With its foundation from the previous generation of TiOC, a variety of new innovative technologies are introduced in the latest TiOC 2.0 for the first time, achieving breakthroughs and quality improvements in illuminators, audio and images. At the same time, TiOC 2.0 can be integrated with alarm system through software upgrades. It provides better ecosystem that offers more convenient operation and better user experience.

Smart Dual Illuminators

Smart Illumination Mode (Default): Switch between IR Mode and white light when target is detected.

CCTV Installers, Leicester

IR illuminator is on at night.

White light turns on (PTZ Track) when a target appears.

Siren and light turns on (Active Deterrence) to warn the target.

White light turns off (PTZ back to preset), IR illuminator turns back on when the target disappears.

VoiceCatcher Technology

  • Newly-designed Dual Mic Array intercepts external circuit interference.

  • Audio pick-up distance is increased by 7 meters compared with the previous version of TiOC in a lab environment.

  • The Dahua VoiceCatcher reduces noise and extracts audible audio signals.

CCTV Installers, Leicester

High Sensitivity 

Dual Mic Array

Newly-Designed Audio

Accuisition Circuit

  • Dahua Self-Developed

      Noise Reduction Algorith

  • High-Performance SOC

Easy Operation

  • Alarm-in Port: Allows alarm receiving or one-tap disarming through the alarm system interface.

  • One-tap Disarming: Turns on/off the warning light and siren via the DMSS or alarm-in port.

  • Alarm Sounds: Offers 11 built-in sounds and supports importing of custom voice audio for different scenarios.

CCTV Installers, Leicester

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