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  • Boost online business

  • Full WiFi coverage

  • Seamless roaming

  • High-concurrent clients

  • Easy management

In the era of smart mobile devices, WiFi has become a necessity for restaurants and cafes everywhere. Customers want to check out the news and send messages to friends, even while dining or lounging with a latte. When customers share their experiences online, businesses can also benefit from sharing promotional content and enhancing social media profiles.

TP-Link Omada SDN solution empowers restaurant owners to create a modern and compelling in-store experience for every customer, while gaining acknowledgment from catering markets around the world.

Network Requirements

  • Provide powerful wired and wireless networks to both customers and employees, and offer stable WiFi for the online food ordering system.

  • Provide reliable wired networks for 24-hour surveillance in the restaurants, cafe and more.

  • Offer advertising and promotional contents to customers connecting to the networks.

  • Provide various authentication methods such as vouchers for different situations.

  • Elegant appearance to blend with the indoor decoration.

  • Simple network management and convenient equipment maintenance.

Catering Network.png

Solution Benefits

Boost Business with a Customized Page

Captive Portal provides direct exposure to promotional information and other marketing content while securing network access for guests.

High-Density WiFi Deployment
Omada WiFi 6 and WiFi 5 APs improve efficiency and ensure top-tier performance for your restaurant and café with high-density clients.

Know Customers with Easy Network Monitoring
See the real-time network status, or even track the key data of customers for better business results with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Stable High-Speed Wired Connections
2.5 G or 1 G Ethernet wired connections are provided for office computers, internet café computers, front desks, access points, and IP cameras.

Stable WiFi Coverage
Keeps your wireless online ordering system available everywhere with high-speed full WiFi coverage.

Seamless Roaming for Uninterrupted Streaming
Ensure your customers enjoy uninterrupted streaming when moving around by switching clients automatically to the access points with the optimal signal.

Easy Centralized Management

Centrally manage your access points, switches, routers, and more, anywhere, anytime—all controlled from a single easy-to-use interface.

Easy Installation and Deployment

Easy mount construction; PoE support; and a refined, minimalist appearance.

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