Wireless Networks


Whether you are a small business, restaurant or coffee bar offering secure Wi-Fi to your patrons, or an enterprise organization with hundreds of employees and multiple locations we have the solution for you.

We have a wide range of wireless solutions from small footprint to large implementations. They are easy to maintain, with password changes able to be made from a mobile app. Fully scalable solutions are available for your site.

Managed Wi-Fi Services from RCS Technologies keep you and your employees connected and more productive. Our smart Wi-Fi solution is a managed service that is fully personalized for your business. We can tailor the name and SSID to match your business needs to allow full separation of your private and public Wi-Fi solutions, allowing for fully adoptable public Wi-Fi for guests.

As a society, we have come to depend on the Internet for so many functions of our daily lives. Without a secure, reliable internet connection the core of your business operations will suffer. Your business needs a solution with:

  • Proper Wi-Fi design and implementation.
  • Segregated guest and operational networks.
  • High-security encryption.
  • Wi-Fi Firewalls that make your networked computers invisible to simple hacking scans and probes.
  • Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection to detect and block unauthorized access.
  • Regular firmware and software upgrades.

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