Our mission

Our mission is a simple one, to provide first-class Pro-Active IT support and since the birth of RCS Technologies, we have done just that. We not only do we become your IT support and Telecoms provider we become your partner in helping you grow and keeping you safe.

Making things easy for you

There are other IT services companies in the Midlands, but when you sign up with them, it’s often difficult to navigate their complex ticketing and help-desk services. With RCS Technologies, we make things easy for you – when you call us you reach an engineer – no long waits, no complicated menu systems. We know you have enough to do. We’ll ensure you can easily reach us when you need us. This allows you to focus solely on your day-to-day business knowing your IT systems will always be taken care of.

When we say Pro-Active we mean just that

Many IT support companies claim to be pro-active by placing a software on your systems to monitor what’s going on and from our vast experience in the IT support world we know that these systems aren’t themselves monitored. We at RCS physically monitor your systems and visit your site each month to carry out routine on-site maintenance at no extra cost. Not only does this keep your IT equipment at its peak performance it also gives your staff the chance to meet our engineers and build a rapport with us so that calling for support is no longer a daunting task as you will know us personally.

Strength through experience

Our strength is our team of awesome, friendly and totally dedicated engineers who between them have over 35 years of experience in all things IT and Telecoms. Your business will not only benefit from a team who believe in our vision but will give you 100% every time you need us.

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